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Company Profile


Technical Focus

We are focus in technology stacks that are proven to be stable. We pour a lot of man hours into Java Technology Platform (Java SE/Swing/Web/Android) and always deploy into Unix based Server (FreeBSD/Solaris 10) and always use open source database (Postgresql/sqlite). We utilize a lot of Spring framework and Wicket framework (for web ui). We do a lot of XML parsing and now JSON parsing for distributing and processing data in widely spread android based devices and other client based application such as Swing. We only pour in long hours for proven technology platform. Recently (2015) we make venture into Scala language and Cassandra (database) to build cloud based services (Saas - Software as a Service). We build web api using Scala.

Business Focus

We design and implement major company operation processes such as issuing a purchase request (PR), purchase order (PO), payment voucher (PV), issuing/receiving delivery order (DO), issuing/receiving transfer goods form (TF), and issuing sales order (SO). Those are in logistic, purchasing area and sales areas. We also design and implement Human Resources areas such as posting jobs opening, receiving applicants, hiring applicants, promoting applicants, firing applicants and retiring applicant. Payroll and Employee Attendance are also being implemented. Accounting and Finance area we have implement ageing schedule, journal entries, journal adjustment, balance sheet, income statement, payment voucher, account payable and account receivable. We have implement all the necessity for any business to start and to operate fully from day one.


  • Development Center: Pusat Bisnis Thamrin City 7th Floor #709A. Jl. Kebun Kacang Raya. Jakarta 10270
  • Headquarter: Jl. KH Mas Mansyur No 3. 3rd Floor. Jakarta 10240.

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