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Company History



Middle of year 2005, the demand for computerizing operation of company in Indonesia was raising fast and we got a call to serve our first customer ever and they happened to be in manufacturing sector. We built custom-made software for their operation needs to oversee the ins and outs of goods in their warehouses and their customers' delivery orders. We used all open source software solutions to answer our clients' needs.



Our client lists had grown to 5 in 4 different industry and the projects got more complicated. We consulted and implemented our turn key solutions (from end to end) for our clients where they had multiple sites of operations spread out in Indonesia. We fully utilized the web service SOAP and JMS to distribute data by way of telephone lines and satellite technology such as VSAT. We also got a major project that deal with distribution of data with high latency due to use of satellite technology such as VSAT.



We are switching focus to be product oriented company from consulting company. We switch focus to build on android based devices to fulfil the company needs. We also published our first apps in Google Play Market under the name: Scandium Mobile. We had our first taste of customers market and we could not help but to build more apps.

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